What Is Tiktok Shadowbanning & How Can You Avoid Getting Banned?

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The default view, called For You, displays an endless stream of full-screen videos where users can find content of interest to them. But the good news for the creators that are over 18 is that there’s an additional feature unlocked for you. Users will now be able to send you gifts, both digital and physical, when you go Live on TikTok. Think of it like a virtual tip jar that people can award you with if they’re enjoying your content. Contribute to the comments by writing one in the comment field or pin your own or someone else’s comment by tapping it and selecting Pin Comment.

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If there’s a popular dance going around, get your team to bust out a move. It makes you look more relatable and human to your followers rather than just being a faceless brand. It also increases your chances of having a viral video (score!). Another example is the children’s television network, Nickelodeon.

He also serves as an ambassador for Good Life Ultimate Bark Control, an anti-bark device. Although the original Pomeranian sadly passed away, this loveable influencer brand continues with a matching fluffy star. With 21.2 million followers and counting, the “Most Popular Dog in the World” makes more fans smile everyday. You can typically find him out and about and up to no good in stylish outfits. At just 19 years old, Morgan Hipworth stands out as one of the more notable TikTok chefs with a modest following of 200K followers.