Porn star claims she was jailed for flashing butt in view of Kremlin

An adult film model says she has been detained for 14 days for baring her buttocks in view of the Kremlin.

Known as Rita Fox, 20, she is the fourth person in recent days to be held for such stunts.

The actress posted a picture of her ‘bare buttocks against the background of the Kremlin’, on the edge of Red Square, in Moscow, which triggered complaints, she said.

The porn star said she was detained after a racy photoshoot that she took in front of the Kremlin in Moscow’s Red Square

She told her followers: ‘I am now imprisoned for 14 days.

‘I have been punished for the petty hooliganism, according to my sentence.’

Ren TV said she had been ‘inspired’ by Instagram model who posted an image simulating oral sex in view of St Basil’s Cathedral, also on Red Square.

Anastasia Chistova, 19, and her boyfriend, influencer Ruslani Murodzhonzoda, 23 — a Tajik national also known as Ruslan Bobiyev, both apologised but were jailed for ten months each.

The adult actress claimed to have been arrested for public hooliganism by Russian police

Anastasia Chistova, 19, and Ruslani Murodzhonzoda, 23 were also jailed for simulating oral sex in front of the Kremlin as part of a crackdown on stunts near cultural landmarks in Russia

In another case Instagrammer Ira Volkova, 30, was held in St Petersburg for exposing her rear outside floodlit St Isaac’s Orthodox Cathedral. 

She will face a trial later and is now under house arrest.

Fox – whose real first name is Ksenia, and is reported to be from St Petersburg – was punished more quickly with a 14-day sentence for her post on Telegram, video she said.

Fox, whose real first name is Ksenia, said she initially had not understood what she had done

Russia has tightened its laws over stunts which may cause offence in or near churches or other important buildings.

When the complaints poured in, Fox said ‘at first I didn’t understand.

‘Then, oh, how I understood what I had done.’