Best Productivity Hacks For Small Business Owners

I found out that working in the kitchen allowed me to eat better, and visiting the law library allowed me to use the typewriter to type up my notes rather than write them by hand. To adopt this habit, commit to a regular schedule. Highlight important points of the book, then upon finishing it, go back through and write notes from the highlighted sections. Finally, keep a running log of all of the books you’ve read. I’ve learned to think diligently about my thoughts, and use them to communicate more effectively. Writing can help you organize your thoughts better and actually helps you to be a better verbal communicator.

It creates trust and communication, and it unearths star employees who may have struggled in your shade. These efficiency hacks focus on growing passion, delegating smarter, and choosing goals that ramp up your efficiency. You’ll also find out why some kinds of work breaks are better than others, and why tracking your time can be a great first step. Taking oneself up to the next level is challenging but the result is amazing. One should grow each day individually to become a better version of oneself. Learning various aspects of life and implementing them in life mark the growth of an individual.

This most often occurs with low-level tasks (e.g. get milk, take out the garbage), but if it happens enough then you’ve got a big problem on your hands. Always batch similar tasks together when planning your day, it’ll definitely make your work process flow more smoothly. Batching tasks works because you’re maintaining the same frame of mind for all the tasks involved.

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You’ll look like you’re doing much more, but secretly with less effort. This is often called getting the low-hanging fruit—the rewards you can achieve with the least effort. I use LinkedIn differently because it works differently than Twitter. I’ve never written and shared articles with my connections (1000+) through my LinkedIn account.

Set aside a few hours during the weekend to meal prep for the rest of the week and ensure your fridge is stocked with healthy options. Have a dedicated list of new recipes to tryUse balance when thinking about healthy food choices. Opt out of bland “diet foods” and find healthy variations of the foods you love. Building regular habits can help make sure they never get completely out of hand. By doing a little bit on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis you can keep everything running relatively smoothly. Clean up your desk and close all your tabs and apps at the end of each workday.

By getting the hardest thing on your plate out of the way first thing in the morning, the rest of the day will feel way easier by comparison. Plus, then you won’t waste mental energy all day thinking about this challenging thing you have to do. It’s been said time and time again that the secret to getting more work done in less time is to work in bursts, with breaks in between.

Rather than piling one task after another on your plate, you need to realize you can’t do everything. They can’t help you or alleviate any stresses if they do not know what is happening. When they see that you are transparent and are vocal when you need help, they’ll follow suit. Keep reading productivity and efficiency articles.This is my cheeky piece of meta-advice, encouraging you to read more articles like this one. Accept your failures and move on.You’re not perfect, and you’re never going to be.

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