10 Retail Marketing Strategies To Help You Get New Customers

Motivational posts combining a simple visual with an overlaid quote or an uplifting message image are popular on Instagram. They also serve to encourage your audience and amplify your brand’s values. Your profile picture can be some version of your company logo; just make sure the image is fully visible in Instagram’s circular shape. Your Instagram name and username should include your brand name and variations since they appear in Instagram searches. Instagram Insights, the site’s built-in analytics tool, can be useful for understanding followers’ basic demographics, when they are online, and the kind of content they prefer. Read more about buy Insta Followers here. More detailed information like competitive analysis and trends identification can be found with a tool like Hootsuite Analytics.

Other modifiers can be added as well, such as only targeting the people who visited your website and either took a specific action or abandoned their carts. But you have to know how to leverage different aspects of the platform to really make it work for you and your brand. Aside from the standard targeting mechanisms, there are some other features that can help you narrow your focus. Tugging at their curiosity with the offer of somewhat interactive content could be enough to make them pause whenever they come across one of your photos in their feed. However, using this powerful platform won’t necessarily guarantee a successful outcome for every campaign. It’s pretty hard to measure success if you throw only $5.00 for a mere 24 hours.

Things like email campaigns, social media interactions and posts, and website content cost you nearly nothing to produce. When your customers come to you through these channels, your CAC is negligible. Ever since Zuckerberg added the emoji reaction features, brands have been using them quite effectively. For instance, a brand selling hair products can post an image of shampoo and ask to vote “Love” for good or “Angry” for bad. While this voting system won’t bring any money, the brand will get user feedback.

And that’s not just in their heads—Facebook posts with images get 2.3 times as much engagement as those without images. Most social media managers know about standard Facebook post formats like images, text, and videos, but there are a crazy number of available post formats on Facebook at this point. In general, reach on social media refers to how many people saw a post.

Build your ads to look like Instagram posts with entertaining, amusing or inspirational content. Once your ads are getting impressions and your budget is being utilized, it’s time to make your ads effective. However, advertising on Instagram is a bit of a different show than advertising on other mediums and social networks. SunPower uses multiple high quality photos at unusual angles to catch the eye. The most important thing to remember with LinkedIn isn’t how often you’re posting, but the type of content you’re sharing. Most retweets happen within an hour after they publish, so a higher daily frequency like this can pay off.

Your collaboration with a YouTube influencer doesn’t end when the final video is uploaded to their channel. Once the video is released, you have a whole new set of responsibilities. In order to make your campaign truly successful, you need to monitor how the audience interacts with your content. These videos also serve as a double promotion as the company can later use this influencer’s review when marketing the product.