10 Truths About Marketing After The Pandemic

In the United States, Deloitte refers to one or more of the US member firms of DTTL, their related entities that operate using the “Deloitte” name in the United States and their respective affiliates. Certain services may not be available to attest clients under the rules and regulations of public accounting. Looks like you’ve logged in with your email address, and with your social media.

That means they’re watching television, streaming content from services like Netflix and HBO, and spending more time with their digital devices—everything from their phones to their home voice assistants. As a home décor retailer, it is essential to work with wholesale bedding manufacturers that you trust and have a track record of excellent customer service. With service disruptions and uncertainty around store openings, be sure you are working with a company that can be flexible with inventory and shipping and can supply the highest quality bedding products to stores across North America.

The outcome was not only an authentic and intentional experience for participants, but created a community driven by authentic brand love and loyalty as well as a reinvigorated sense of pride and purpose in their role at Lancôme. Get the full report to learn how ecommerce leaders are using technology to solve their pain points. Spikes in virus cases in certain geographies may temporarily accelerate online orders and the need for home delivery. The fluctuation of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ways it influences our shopping habits will likely continue into the foreseeable future. See how you can redefine your business in the ever-changing digital landscape. Companies should offer free resources whenever possible and employ user experience to improve brand loyalty and awareness.

Some advertisers have taken advantage of the cost benefits and increased their digital advertising presence, incorporating messaging and products relevant to the current situation. Others have decided to steer clear of COVID-19 content altogether, choosing not to affiliate their brand with the deflating subject, “take sides” in arguments or be aligned with possible misinformation / fake news. While OTT/CTV consumption has increased, this does not necessarily indicate the ability of marketers to reach audiences has kept pace, as many consumers are more willing to pay for ad-free subscription services. Despite this, there is still a greater audience to be reached via ad-supported services, but advertisers should consider diversifying the mix across platforms to maximize audience potential. Over a year into the pandemic, things have changed fairly radically once again.

While you don’t want to seem out of touch by ignoring the pandemic, your customers are also tired of hearing about it. When someone clicks on one of your social posts, where does the link take them?. The difference between a smooth transition to the next stage of the purchase funnel and a rough one can be the difference between gaining and losing a customer. Make sure every department in your company — marketing, sales, social, web dev, etc. — is on the same page to create a frictionless purchase process. Many companies delegate their social media content to someone who’s already playing another role, but that kind of multitasking is on the way out. Read more about buy Instagram Followers here. As the value of social media increases, so does the value of the person planning and executing it.

Businesses have a responsibility to continue to show up for their audience across platforms, especially as the dust finally begins to settle. A post-pandemic world will, understandably, require a higher degree of empathy and care throughout the sales funnel, but it does not demand silence or absence from brands. There’s a saying which reads, “In good times you should advertise, but in bad times you must advertise.” B2B marketing, in this case, is no exception. Those brands which establish themselves as a thoughtful, informative voice amidst the noise, offering continued value, personalized service, and support to their current and prospective clients, are sure to succeed.