13 simple ways to promote your YouTube videos without spending a fortune

You will have probably heard stories of how much YouTubers make. Ever since its creation in 2005, YouTube has provided a platform for creators to not only share their content but also earn money from it. Audio – Many people overlook this in their video production but audio is an important element. The microphone on your phone may be fine but it could be worth getting a microphone to ensure you deliver quality videos. Brand channel – This type is run and managed by an advertiser or company and can have multiple users. Critically, there are no personal details on brand channels.

These guides break down the process by which you can set up a YouTube channel for your small business. Each examines an important element of creating and optimizing your YouTube channel. “YouTube deletes 30 music videos after Met link with gang violence”.

People are busy today and don’t like having their time wasted. Many people would gladly binge a 12 episode season of a show in a single day, but they’ll be more reticent when it comes to long-form YouTube content. Therefore, breaking your video in chapters will make it easier to digest. Plus, Google will crawl the timestamps and display them on the search engine. For example, if someone searches “how to make dough for my donuts”, Google will direct them and highlight that exact chapter from the video. Looking to get into the YouTube game but you don’t know where to start?

This is the tricky part about any YouTube channel, even for the highest-paid Youtubers – because when you start, it’s unlikely that anyone will see your videos. This doesn’t sound like much money, but these numbers can add up when you get thousands or even hundreds of thousands of views per day. Once set up, Google can show ads on your videos, and every time someone sees on those ads, both you and YouTube split the fee that Google charges the advertiser.

YouTube punishes “tag stuffing,” however, adding a few keywords will go long. A lot of YouTubers bypass the profile area and go straight into content creation. However, a compelling profile is among the most effective ways to advertise your YouTube channel and increase your SEO. Read more about buy real youtube views here. Worth A Buyis another YouTube channel that reviews gaming products and tells viewers if the game/accessory/console is “worth a buy”. YouTube’s immense reach makes it a great way for serious content creators to earn a lot of money. Simplicity and the opportunity to repurpose content aside, this platform gives you access to something that’s rare in the world of affiliate marketing.

We’ve already covered keyword optimization, but what about the rest of the title? They provide a text version of your video so people can read if they don’t want to watch and listen. Make sure to include your target keyword in an intriguing way.