7 Essential Tips For Promoting Your Podcast On Tiktok

Hence, workout videos, boxing training and flexibility tests attract plenty of views. Gymshark has taken a creative approach to showcase its gym and workout clothes. Instead of posting videos of their workout wear, Gymshark focuses heavily on educational and emotional content.

Artists grow their following and get all the increased exposure that goes along with it. Influencers make money, but they also raise their own profiles by consistently creating and posting new content with the best music out there. If one of your videos does go viral and you disappear off the platform for the next few weeks, you’ll probably end up losing hundreds of followers. Your goal should be creating bonds with your fans so they’ll feel more inclined to buy your books, and one way to do that is posting at least once a day. Almost every teenager in the United States knows about TikTok—the video-sharing social media platform with hundreds of millions of active users.

Also, TikTok is mostly dominated by relatively young people aged 16 to 24, which is why you need to speak their language and be well-informed about the ongoing trends in order to get their attention. If the marketing is done well, you can gain exposure from the audience which makes it even easier to promote your event and gain more sales. If you’re one of those people who want to take this opportunity to grow your business and have been wondering, “Is there any way to market your event on TikTok? It’s not unusual to find brands using TikTok for business nowadays as it is actually one of the best marketing tools in social media.

TikTok hashtag challenges encourage engagement and brand awareness building. Going viral is often the holy grail of social media strategies. Everyone at this point knows how popular TikTok is right now, especially if you are part of the younger generation. In fact, the majority of teenagers around the world are making the most of this social media sharing app to come up with creative ideas for skits, videos, and even viral challenges. Read more about buy TT Views here. You could easily get sucked down the rabbit hole of TikTok one day, and, having spent hours watching all kinds of different videos. Needless to say, it is a great opportunity to share your creative side, but it’s also a great opportunity to monetize your content and become a TikTok influencer.

You will be able to approve your favourites, and our influencers will post them to their social media channels, reaching thousands. In addition, our data analysis platform will assist you in identifying the best-performing content, which can also be promoted as a Spark ad, exponentially boosting your reach. Victoria Aveyard offers readers intriguing previews of what’s to come in her latest fantasy titles, while also sharing snippets of her day to day life. She often uses trending sounds and a variety of hashtags on each of her TikToks to expand her reach.