A Guide On How To Use Tiktok For Business

But, because you only have a split second to grab your audience’s attention, we recommend including the most important text in the actual video. You can also choose the pace at which you want the budget to be spent. The options include “standard,” which distributes the budget evenly throughout the campaign, and “accelerate,” which utilizes it as quickly as possible during a fixed period of time. Once you’ve chosen your preferred placements, follow the instructions to enter all the assets needed to start running your ad, including URLs, display name, images, categories, etc. Although TikTok doesn’t publish it’s ad prices, a leaked TikTokpitch deckrevealed that large campaigns can range anywhere from $25,000 to $150,000 depending on the type of campaign you choose. Posting in more digestible chunks makes users more likely to click on your video, where you can gently point them towards Part 2.

Cross-promoting your TikTok content on other social platforms is the best strategy to drive traffic to your TikTok account. As a general rule of thumb, it’s essential to set your objectives for your planned TikTok ads. Next, it’s crucial to create a descriptive campaign budget. After watching your video, a TikTok objective is basically what you want your followers to do. The good news is that you don’t need a TikTok pro account to know when to post according to your target audience, but you do need to have a TikTok business account. However, it is crucial to use this strategy mainly with users aiming for the same niche as you.

Audiences are flocking to short-form video to see their favorite creators showcase content that is authentic, inspiring, educational, and funny. Leverage this channel to grow your brand voice through product reviews and user-generated content . These tips will set you on the right track to craft an impactful approach for growing your brand awareness on each channel.

The best thing to do is follow trending hashtags and get involved with the latest memes, and apply them to your brand. Utilize the app’s built-in filters, effects, soundbites, and editing tools to create and share authentic content. The organic reach on TikTok is huge, but impactful engagement is only derived if your content truly resonates with your audience and plays to the rules of the platform. Posting your corporate brand messaging here simply won’t work. The seemingly instant popularity of the short-video platform TikTok took some marketers by surprise, and it has only continued to grow. While teenagers were initially viewed as the platform’s primary users and audience, and they certainly do spend a lot of time on it, TikTok’s reach has expanded dramatically.

Read more about buy TT Views here. 66% of its users are under 30, and a high percentage of users are female. The audience on TikTok is strikingly international, with a big chunk of its user downloads coming from the US, India, and China. Duets are a popular style, allowing users to take one video and record a companion video to go with it.