Rocks 100 Most Underrated Albums

It bombed, leaving the group with a million-dollar debt to the label, and that was that. I’ll never understand what it is that makes some bands “click” while others that are just as good if not better simply fade away into relative obscurity. As you might expect, it’s extremely hard to find Joker’s CDs, and even if you do, the prices will almost certainly be total bullshit.

Blind Guardian should be cruising in the top five at least, below only the true greats like iron maiden, sabbath, and metallic. Blind Guardian one the only bands I know that actually tell a good story in their music , all the other bands are pretty just much meaningless mainstream stuff with no story behind their music. Anyone who think A7X and Bullet For My Valentine is metal should be decapitated and mutilated!

In 2016, the band enhanced their sound through tracks such as “Embrace the Horror,” “Empire of Man,” and “Fight Another Day” in their Other World album. Fans were given a taste of the release of a third album, The Tower, at the Bandcamp page of Stormspell Records. Ancient Empire is a band to definitely look out for in the future of metal music.

There is without a doubt a tone of great bands that came out of the 80’s. On the one hand, you got the 80’s hair bands such as, Dokken, Motley Crue, and Ratt that not just had a glam look, but also had amazing musicians that made some of the best music in history. On the other, you got the rise of thrash with bands like Megadeth, Metallica, and Anthrax bring a new heavy style to metal that wasn’t seen before. However, there are also a lot of bands that fell through the cracks and didn’t get the attention they deserve. For this list I will count the most underrated bands of 80’s metal.

Formed in 1987 Junkyard started with previous members of Dag Nasty and Minor Threat to combine into a blues-punk hard rock band. They signed to Geffen Records and released their debut self-titled album in 1989. Read more about buy IG Likes here. The single “Hollywood” was featured on MTV and the band received critical praise for the album. The band would record one more album for Geffen before moving on.