More Than Half of Porn Addicts Tried More Than 20 Times to Stop Watching

Millions of people are addicted to watching adult content on the web.

The access is easy and it's easy to keep your habit as a secret. At the same time, people affected by this addiction find it difficult to look for help. Often, they try to overcome their problem by themselves. Lavario, one of the world's largest provider of self-help program against porn and sex addictions, have pub-lished the results of a recent survey among their customers.

Nine out of ten tried numerous times

More than half of the respondents tried more than 20 times to stop watching – or at least to reduce their consumption of explicit images considerably. Twenty percent stated that they tried between ten and twenty times to break their addictions.Less than 10% answered that they're trying it for the first time. These numbers relate to the times before they started with the self-help program. Several conclusions can be drawn out of those results.

Great despair and low self-esteem

Obviously, there is great despair among porn addicts.

It isn't difficult to imagine how you feel when you try to break a bad habit for so many times and always fail. An earlier survey of Lavario showed that almost four out of five addicts suffer from strong feelings of shame and guilt and from a low self-esteem. At the same time, it shows that the suffering must be considerable as these people try again and again to break their addiction despite the constant failures.

It also shows the strength of the addiction: despite good propositions and numerous attempts people still don't get away from it.

Two typical mistakes

Lavario explains that most addicts commit two mistakes when trying to quit porn. First of all, it would be more reasonable to reduce the daily dose of adult content gradually, e.g.

during two months. Instead, most addicts try to get away from it overnight and therefore provoke a high chance of cravings and relapses. Secondly, good intentions aren't sustainable unless they are supported by a therapy or by a self-help program. Addicts must find out why they ran into their problems.

They must identify the problems driving them towards explicit content. Addicts must understand which are the daily triggers for watching porn, how to reject watching, how to de-velop alternatives. With good support there are great chance to break an addiction within eight weeks.

I’m Frank Lavario and I founded the .I spent most of my adult life in Europe, in the US and in South America, helping people fight their addictions. I still haven’t overcome my own addiction of eating too much chocolate, though. For more information please visit

Pianist, 29, charged with murder of veterinary hospital worker

A Juilliard-trained concert pianist from South Carolina has been charged with brutally murdering a veterinary hospital worker, who was engaged to a man now suspected of producing child pornography and was dealing with custody issues.

The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday announced the arrest of 29-year-old Zachary Hughes.

Hughes, who attended the prestigious NYC theater school, has been charged with counts of murder and weapons possession during a violent stemming from the October 13 killing of 41-year-old Christina Parcell.

Parcell, a mother-of-one working as a veterinary technician, was found suffering from multiple stab wounds in her Greer home. Her fiancé Bradly Post was arrested for child sexual exploitation and child porn offenses on October 20, but cops say they do not believe that case is linked to Parcell’s killing. 

Sheriff Hobart Lewis told reporters during a press conference that investigators have yet to determine a motive behind what he described as a ‘very violent’ attack, reported

Zachary Hughes, a 29 year-old concert pianist, has been accused of brutally murdering a veterinary hospital technician, 41 year-old Christina Parcell 

Parcell was found dead of multiple stab wounds at her Greenville County home on October 13 

‘It was a very brutal crime scene, for sure,’ the sheriff added.

Hughes is a graduate of the world-famous Julliard School in New York City who has been working as a concert pianist.

According to Lewis, surveillance video from Parcell’s neighbors and physical evidence found at the scene tied Hughes to the murder.

The 29-year-old suspect turned himself in to the authorities on Wednesday night and was booked into the county jail.

The sheriff said investigators do not know whether Hughes and Parcell knew each other prior to the incident, but he said the victim was ‘targeted.’ .

Parcell is survived by her eight-year-old daughter. The girl’s biological father was arrested on October 25 and charged with violating a custody order, transporting a child under age 16 and not returning her within 72 hours.

Parcell’s fiancé Bradly Post, pictured, was  arrested for child sex offenses on October 20, although cops say they don’t believe that case was linked to the murder 

Parcell had been involved in a custody battle with her daughter’s father, while her current fiancé Bradley Post is facing child porn charges 

Last year, Parcell launched a GoFundMe campaign, seeking donations to help pay her lawyer during a custody battle with her daughter’s father, who she claimed had traveled with the child out of the country.   

Less than a week after her killing, Parcell’s curre