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Keep in mind that for some locations, like businesses and other private property, you will need permission from the owner to film. To keep things simple, it’s best to find your locations through people you know — at least for your first few productions. Explainer videos are in-depth videos explaining how to use a product or various parts of a product or service. Tutorials can be used to answer customer support questions or explain a new product feature.

Before starting this blog, Adam managed digital marketing teams for large SaaS startups and reviews the best software to run your online business. He has been featured in over 100 publications, including Forbes, Business Insider, and Entrepreneur. Batch uploads can actually be a really effective strategy at getting people to watch more. We’ve seen some creators release series like on a single day, which then gives viewers an opportunity to watch through them because they’re all available at once. Read more about here. So it really depends on your channel and your strategy, keep experimenting. In the competitive world of YouTube, an eye-catching video title is as good as gold.

Returnity s focused process identifies high-return rate opportunities for clients, and is now being used for over 500K shipments a month, expanding to 2 million shipments a month in Q3 2022. The integration is available immediately on AB Tasty’s platform to over 900 clients around the world. Businesses can test anything from landing page optimization to the effectiveness of third-party applications.

The watch hours will also increase on your YouTube channel if you buy real YouTube views from this site because the targeted number of audience is very engaging and active. When it comes to watch time, subtitled videos increase view time by more than 12% and are watched an average 91% to completion. In comparison, videos without subtitles are only watched 66% to completion. When subtitles are included, 80% more people watch videos to completion. Adding captions is a move towards accessibility, as well as a smart business move. Captions help attract a wider community, increase watch time and shares, and boosts your ranking.

You can also include #hashtags in your video titles and descriptions — just be sure to use them sparingly. Part of improving your engagement rate is making great content that viewers want to engage with. When you break it down, an engaged audience is an invested audience. If you have a high engagement rate, this means that viewers are leaving comments, subscribing to your channel, and watching your content from start to finish. While ads read by podcast hosts are ubiquitous on the format, Gumball contends they are one of the few areas in digital marketing that haven’t been touched by technology or delivered at scale. The company’s platform allows advertisers to more easily find and buy host-read ad spots from independent podcasters, who in turn gain access to big brands.