Buying A Home On One Income? Here Are Some Tips

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Meta has gotten clobbered over the impact Instagram has had on young people. Now, six months since the company paused plans to launch an Instagram app for teens, Meta is rolling out new parental controls it hopes will answer at least some of its critics’ concerns. The program will begin on Thursday and remain in place through at least April. “We’ll continue to monitor gas prices, listen to the Dasher community, and seek feedback as we evolve these programs and explore additional resources in the coming weeks and months,” the company said.

Travel technology provider, Sabre keeps the world moving with the help of Oracle Java SE Subscription. Sabre connects travel suppliers with buyers on a very large scale. In moving applications off the mainframe and deploying with Java, Sabre was able to take advantage of the rich libraries and frameworks Java provides and focus its efforts on core competencies. Oracle supports millions of members of one of the largest, global Java communities and ecosystems.

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