How Brands Are Capitalizing TikTok To Win New Audiences

Create your video surrounding a popular event such as the debates, protests, or a new release of a show. Your video has a much greater chance of getting on the ‘For You’ page if you do this. One of the best ways to tap into the power of TikTok is through user-generated content . Use camel case when writing hashtags to enhance readability (e.g. #LikeForLike not #likeforlike). Aside from that, you also get to analyze similar industry content this way.

TikTok has created a space in which its billions of users feel seen and connected, which is remarkable. TikTok prioritizes localization over competitors Instagram and Facebook, which use a more homogeneous marketing strategy. Read more about buy tiktok followers instantly here. We’ve identified the main localization strategies TikTok employs to engage with its international audience, which we believe can be helpful tips for any business considering global expansion.

While building marketing strategies, creating motivational videos or writing novels, people tend to focus on the personal brand. They remember the individual rather than the brand that they are representing. It’s never too late to start maturing your social media strategy.

Keep reading to get the lowdown on using TikTok for business and all the TikTok marketing best practices. They are normally animations or videos, and they can include a link to an external website or present a Hashtag Challenge, which we will see in the next ad category. You can segment these ads depending on the location, age, and gender of the user. A native ad video should not exceed 15 seconds in length and it should have a format that takes up all the screen, like in Instagram Stories. With this type of ad, you can include a link to a website or to download an app. The first thing you have to do is to create an account through TikTok Ads.

Since then, Guess was able to unlock an even larger audience amongst both the millennials and generation Z. There are fewer daily active users on Twitter than on the other two platforms discussed in this guide. While you can post any form of content on Twitter, the most popular content on the platform is video content. High-quality, original, and engaging content is essential to competing for users’ attention. 83% of users surveyed reported that Instagram has helped them discover new products or services.