How Often Should I Post To Instagram? Our Study Says Every Day

I’m a social media marketer on a mission to help you grow your Instagram following, increase traffic with Pinterest, and make money from your online business or side hustle. I’ve grown my own Instagram accounts to a combined total of 110,000+ followers and helped hundred of people successfully grow their social media presence. Photo posts are otherwise known as static content, meaning the post doesn’t move like a video! Static content, like photos, is becoming less important. So, posting photos might allow you to show up on users’ feeds who enjoy looking at images over videos. So think of posting photos like a “bonus” piece of content that will reach photo-loving users in your niche.

Because we only use real people, your account will not be penalized. We never, ever use bots, as using bots would lower the quality of our services. We understand that social media marketing is full of bots and fakery.

Recently Instagram changed its chronological feed to a more ranked timeline. This further leads to a much reduced social ranking and all this investment, for nothing. But as long as you buy Instagram likes from reliable and the best sites to buy Instagram likes, you need not worry. If the tool ensures high retention, your likes won’t drop as Instagram cannot delete bought likes. We always make sure that we are working with the top minds in the industry. Thus, our employees are always people who have had immense experience.

Similar to, when you buy Instagram followers from, you can specify the parameters you are looking for with the service. The ability to dictate the type of reach you desire for your account helps you grow in the right direction without wasting time. If you are looking to buy followers on Instagram, finding a site that does so organically is highly beneficial. Targeting specific audience types is also a massive benefit in that it helps the algorithm know the exact keywords and hashtags to focus on with your content. When you are first getting your start on Instagram, it can be difficult to up your follower count and acquire a high number of likes and views. This feat can be frustrating for those looking to get themselves to influencer status or bring in more business or clients for their work.

Jarvee will then take the content that you post and seek out like-minded users and content. Like other services available, QubeViews provides two options when selecting followers for your Instagram account – high-quality or premium. There is a substantial price difference between the two, but the premium option affords a real account instead of a placeholder account that appears authentic.

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With these handy features, you can gain insight on audience activity and engagement, along with recommendations for best posting times. Many active social media users check their phones first thing when they wake up during the work week. Monday morning is often a bit too hectic; that’s why an early morning posting time Tuesday to Friday tends to generate higher engagement. If you get your target audience on Instagram right, you’ll get a higher engagement rate, and this means your posts will appear higher up in your followers’ feeds. As a first option, is a great resource to get Instagram views, even if you want to buy Instagram story views. With their engagement packages, you can master the art of online marketing with ease.

Now that you saw all the Instagram products, so try also a Instagram Video Views. When video has much views it means that video is pleasant to people and they want to share with friends. Another way your business could generate photos and interact with your audience is by creating a dedicated hashtag where users can share their photos with you. If you’re looking for a quick way to boost engagement, using polls on your stories is a great way to do that. In the image below, the poll is simple but gets the followers involved in the content that will be produced. My Instagram profile went from 2k followers to over 40k.