Profitable Opportunities For Dubai Private Schools Offering International Curricula

You can also purchase a website subscription giving you unlimited access to all of our Reports online for 12 months. Today Al Najah operates four schools, three of them in Dubai, and a number of nurseries. Its first venture into education was Horizon English School in 2012, a non-selective primary school in Al Safa, which the KHDA rates as very good.

The survey revealed that the top three resident expectations of a smart city were “environmentally friendly business practices, paperless government services, and fast, affordable, city-wide internet connectivity”. In 1999, Emirates opened its own hotel – The Al Dossa Desert Resort. Given how much of your revenue goes to payroll, streamlining your staff schedules is an easy way to ensure your restaurant is sufficiently staffed to meet customer demand at any hour of the day. Over-scheduling and under-scheduling both pose a threat to your profit margin, so it’s essential to track what times and days are busiest for you and schedule accordingly. Creating asmart restaurant scheduling solution with your restaurant manager will not only save you time scheduling but will also reduce your labor costs by matching staffing levels to projected sales. Food is a basic need that is bound to have a stable market with strategic positioning and quality products and services.

If you are a first timer, then there are plenty of prospective business ideas you can explore. Profitable Business Ideas In Dubai For Beginnersin the Emirati city is quite easy. The UAE government supports all investors, local and foreign alike. You just need to obtain a residency visa as a foreign trader in the UAE. The company incorporation process in Dubai is quite efficient, simple and affordable.

In early 2003, the Emirates flight catering was formed out of Emirates Abela Catering Company. In its first year, the catering company produced over 16 million meals with a daily average of 45,000 meals.In the end of 2003, Emirates ordered 71 aircraft at a cost of $19 billion. Read more about buy instagram followers cheap here. In the financial year ending March 2003, Emirates carried 8.5 million passengers, an increase of 26%, and the airline posted an increase in profits of 94 per cent to Dhs907 million from Dhs468 million from the previous year.

Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and various other celebrations happen in the UAE on daily basis and people do need flowers. Taking the business into delivery services and online ordering systems doesn’t just expand a market for you, but also provides a solid reason for people to use your service. And yes, do not limit yourself to the flowers only; add chocolates and other dainties to make it a more valuable service. And it’s not just in action decisions that intangible investment is invisible.